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20 years of formation! An overwhelming new album released by Nagoya's heavyweight Rachel Mother Goose for the first time in four years!

-An album that transcends everything from the previous work "TOKIWA NO SAI", which became a wonderful masterpiece, is completed here! ---
"SYNRA BANSHO ~" is a new work with a new chapter of leader / guitarist Ueki who shows his strength as a songwriter full of originality by further evolving the previous work that shifted from neoclassical HM to progressive melodic HM after 4 years. "Everything" is finally completed!
A masterpiece suitable for the 20th anniversary of the formation! The songs created under the theme of warm old wisdom coexist with lyricism and aggression that could only be achieved by Ueki, who has a wide range of perspectives and musicality from 70's progressive rock to modern arrangements. Of course, it is full of technical and thrilling neo-classical phrases that are his trademark! The high-tech members who gained a great reputation in the previous work are still alive, and especially the beautiful voice high tone, which is the trademark of Korean singer Kim Seong Hoon, is godly!
This is an on-parade of thrilling songs with improved composition, technical skills, and expressiveness, and the creativity of Rachel Mother Goose (RMG) makes a counter-assertion to the stagnant heavy metal scene in Europe. It is a challenge from Asians aiming to advance.
Alessandro Del Vecchio, the exclusive producer / engineer of Italy's prestigious Frontiers Records, participated in the mix and mastering (the only Japanese artist!), And the recording engineer was the producer / recording engineer of OUTRAGE and UNITED. , Mr. Hiko Inuifu is in charge of leading to a wonderful high quality sound!

Benefits : Sticker / DVD-R / Special jacket pattern can batch (DVD-R content: 1 new song live video + video talking about the album from leader Ueki + comment from Alessandro Delvecchio who was in charge of mixing / mastering)

1.Rachel In Wonderland
Rachel in Wonderland 1:20
2.Under 500 Million
Under 500 million 5:29
3.Why So Serious?
Why So Serious? 4:29
Kotodamist 6:56
Amatsu Kaze 5:05
6.Summon The Instinct To Fight
Summon the Instinct to Fight 5:17
7.My Ascending Day
My Ascending Day 5:35
8.The Clock Is Tickin'
The Clock Is Tickin 6:04
9.The Sixth Sense
The Six Sense 6:30
Dáinsleif 5:55
11.Tomorrow Is Another Day
Tomorrow Is Another Day 3:09

All Music by Hideshi Ueki (except with Sunghoon Kim # 2,6,10)
(* # 1. Music by Sunghoon Kim)
All Lyrics by Hideshi Ueki (except with Sunghoon Kim # 2,6,10)
(* # 3. Lyrics by Sunghoon Kim)

Sunghoon Kim: Lead Vocal & Backing Vocals
Hideshi Ueki: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Takumi Matsubara: Keyboards
Kazumasa Nakamura: Bass
Hiroki Hori: Drums

Liner: With lyrics and translations Commentary: Yuichi Masuda Comments from Alessandro Del Vecchio are also posted!

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