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I had TOKIWA NO SAI interview for Musiko eye from France.

We have English and Japanese translation.

Hidefumi Ueki was interviewed by the French web magazine Musiko eye.

Since the original text is in French, Japanese and English translations have been posted.

We are talking about the new album TOKIWA NO SAI with 14 questions.

Click here for the original text.

Musiko Eye "Rachel Mother Goose interview" sites

Musiko Eye websites

and I'm very Thanks to Moreno Grosso and Christophe Ciretti.

Moreno Grosso, who promoted this interview, and interviewer Christophe

Thank you.

Japanese translation

Questions for interview RACHEL MOTHER GOOSE

Hideshi Ueki RachelMotherGoose / Christophe Ciretti MUSIKO EYE France

1. Today is Mr. Hidefumi. How are you. Would you please introduce your band to start the interview?

Christoph Nice to meet you. I'm happy that my band was interviewed.

I understand. We are from Rachel Mother Goose Japan.

The musical instrument corps are all Japanese and Vo is Korean. It is also a so-called neo-classical and progressive HM. We were formed in Nagoya in 1999.

2. Should we understand it as a band? Or as a solo project?

Currently a solo project. It was formed as a band until 2013, but after that it changed from a band to a solo.

3. Moreno Grosso, who came to Japan from France, actually worked as a promotion staff, but with him before

Can you tell me how you were able to meet?

Yeah! He is always very grateful for his kindness. He met in Japan about 15 years ago.

As you know, he is a singer of the Japanese band Hate Beyond. At that time, leader Warzy introduced me in Osaka.

received. And barbecue by the lake. It was an unforgettable experience! Anyway, his voice is amazing! !! !!

4. The band name Rachel Mother Goose is a strange name, but what happened to it?

Imagine a girl riding on a goose in Mother Goose's fairy tale.

When I started this band, I had two ideas for the band name.

First of all, "Rachel", but I wanted a band name that anyone could remember immediately, so I came up with it.

What is the name of a popular woman that everyone seems to know? So I named it Rachel. It's very easy to remember.

Next is Mother Goose. As you know, Mother Goose is a British fairy tale and I am very interested in the story.

Another reason is that I like the album "Snow Goose " by the progressive HR band Camel from the country.

5. The album TOKIWA NO SAI recently released by the record company Spiritual Beast.

How did you get the production?

At first we made a demo song for each record company to listen to.

However, I couldn't make a contract anywhere because there was no album release for a long time.

Anyway, we went into production recording in a situation where we didn't sign any contracts.

Then ask each record company to listen to the completed song again.

Great album from some record companies! There was a response.

After all, we chose them because it was Spiritual Beast that had a deep understanding of our situation.

6. This album title (as well as the song title) seems to be written in Japanese, but everything after that

English title. Why did you choose that way?

Yeah. Exactly! TOKIWA NO SAI is Japanese. The title has a complex meaning.

TOKIWA means Tokiwa and eternally immutable. SAI is talented and colorful, festival, age, most, goods, etc.

It's hard to explain, but ...

I wish you a happy and prosperous life.

It's all about this album that many of the SAIs you've been given are so precious that they're everlasting.

7. All the teams in your back who were waiting for this recording were gathered in 2016, so I'm not used to it yet

, What was not so very album-making in shallow situations such experience?

Okay. As you know, at that time, we knew that we would do it in a short period of time.

It is dangerous to start recording immediately. But I have a great selection of musicians so I can't remember anything

There wasn't. Soon I made a perfect demo song and musical score. I gave them detailed instructions to play.

Anyway, I have a responsibility as a composer.

8. Having two front-line bands about Kazumasa Nakamura, a bassist who also participates in Kelly SimonZ's Blind Faith

Is it easy for him?

I know he's always busy with it. But he's tough! We are doing well. no problem

And a perfect man.

9. This work is by Alessandro Del Vecchio from Italy, mixed and mastered, but working together

Did you choose that? Did you actually go to Italy and meet him and work with him?

Regarding Al , first. I'm a fan of him. My favorite mix engineer.

A few years ago I watched Lionville 2.

At that time I was shocked by the wonderful mix. Of course it's also a great song.

I wish he could work on their work as well.

It's a very interesting story, but I tried to ask him through FaceBook Messenger.

Like this

"Nice to meet you, Alessandro. I'm your fan !! Your mix and songs are amazing! Can you listen to our demo song? If you like it, could you work on this song?" I'm waiting for a reply. See you later. "

Then, five minutes later, he replied.

"I'll check it later !!"

Al liked the song so much that he accepted his offer.

He is a very nice person and works very fast. We have had great success.

10. In a sense, isn't Italy's neoclassical feelings a bit like Japan?

Maybe it's a bit similar in terms of expressing dramatic arrangements.

11. It's been about 20 years since it started in 1998 with Nadir, Signs, TOKIWA NO SAI and 3 full albums (* 5 originally released)

What is the most significant difference in releasing an album on a regular basis?

I think it's almost all about relationships. The most important thing is to get great people.

I need good skills and a better mind.

I've always worked hard to rule the band.

In conclusion, I chose solo activities from the band to easily maintain composition and activity.

12. For us, HM fans seem to remain very persistent in Europe and Japan.

Thank you very much for your support. Is it such a case in Japan again?

Exactly. There are many HM fans. And also a lot of HR and HM bands. As you can see, the times have changed and now

New types of bands are emerging. Traditional style expressions are no longer long lasting.

Anyway, it's very difficult to accept what I should do now. Not only HM but also rock music itself is pioneered in various categories.

13. Japan is also one of the places of high-level musicians for us and a sacred place for neoclassical HM music.

Please explain that there is such a high-level musician player.

Well, from a beginner's point of view, there are probably a lot of instructional books, band scorebooks, videos and a lot of music schools and universities in Japan.

I think it's easy to learn techniques of any genre anywhere.

And also a live house (club), a practice studio, and an LM musical instrument store. So many ...

14. What are your plans for the next Rachel Mother Goose?

I'm sure we'll be co-starring with a band somewhere in Europe next summer or fall.

I'll let you know once it's decided.

For now, I will continue the domestic tour for the time being.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time.

date 14. Nov 2017

English translation

Questions for interview RACHEL MOTHER GOOSE

Hideshi Ueki RachelMotherGoose / Christophe Ciretti MUSIKO EYE France

1. Hi Hideshi, hope you're fine! To begin can you introduce us your band please?

Nice to meet you Christophe. I'm very happy to take an interview about that my band.

Okay. My band name is Rachel Mother Goose from Japan.

All instrumental member from Japan and Singer from Korea. It's Neo Classical and Progressive HM band. We were formed in 1999 at Nagoya Japan.

2. Shall we call it a band or more a solo project?

Now is my solo project. At first, We were the Band format until 2013, but after I changed format from the band to solo project.

3. Moreno Grosso from France is actually doing some promo stuff for you,

can you tell us how you met him back in the day?

Yeah, Moreno is always kind to me. Very Thanks to him. So I met him for the first time in Japan, about 15 years before.

You know, He is singer of'Hate Beyond ”from Japan. That's time this band leader” Warzy ”introduced to me him at Osaka.

And We enjoyed them BBQ in the lakeside. It's unforgettable experience to me !!. Anyway His voices is Great !!!

4. Rachel Mother Goose is a strange name, can you tell us how it happened to choose it?

When I have just started making band, I had two ideas about making band name.

At first, about “Rachel” I want to have every one remember band name soon.

Then I came up with a idea. What's women's name of anybody knows famous?

I decided “Rachel”. Too easy remain! Second, about “Mother Goose”

You know Mother Goose is very famous Nursery Rhymes in UK. I'm very interested in this story.

And I like “Snow goose” of UK's progressive band “CAMEL” album.

5. You recently released your album Tokiwa No Sai on Spiritual Beast Records, how was received the record so far?

At first, We recorded demo songs for get listen some labels.

But We couldn't contract them due to long time no release album.

Anyway We started real recording without no contract any labels.

And We asked them again to let me listen my completed songs.

We had call some labels to the effect that very interesting in your new songs.

Great! Finally, I chose Spiritual Beast record company because of Nobody understands us better than this label of ours.

6. The album title (also a song on the album) seems to be written in japanese as all others songs have english titles, why this choice?

Yeah, Right! New album title “TOKIWA NO SAI” is Japanese. Okay .It's elaborate on meaning of this title.

"TOKIWA" means to permanently. "SAI" have some means to age and coloring and festival and property.

It's difficult to explain. This Contains a wish for keeping live a happy and productive.

7. The team behind you on this record is pretty new, with all musicians joining in 2016, was it hard to work on this album having such a little experience with them?

Yeah. You know, That's time, We have known each other for a short period of time. There is a risk of start recording soon.

But I chose great back musicians. I was no matter. Soon I made flawless demo songs and music score.

I told them that how to play with impressive to detail. Anyway I have the responsibility of composer.

8. Kaz Nakamura your bass player is also playing in Kelly SimonZ's Blind Faith is it easy for him to front the 2 jobs?

I know he is every time busy, but very tough! We are doing great! No problem.

9.The album was mixed and mastered by the italian Alessandro Del Vecchio, was this choice to work with him?

Were you physically traveling to meet him in Italy?

About Ale. First, I'm a big fan of Ale.

Most like mix engineer! Few years ago, I listened CD of Lionville 2 at record shop.

That time I was shocked great mix. Of cause great songs too. I would be glad if he could work mix.

It's very interested story, I tried to send mail to him by FaceBook messenger.

As follows.

“Nice to meet you Alessandro! I'm a big fan of you !! Your mix and compose works is great !!

Please listen my band demo songs. If you like this, I would be glad if you could work mix my songs. I am waiting for your reply. See you! ”

About 5 min after He reply. He said “Later. I will check !!” “Ale like my demo songs very much. Finally Ale got a job offers !!

He is very nice guy! Ale is a quick worker. We gained great successes.

10. In a way is italian neoclassical vibe a bit similar as the japanese one?

Maybe little bit similar about represent somethings in a dramatic arrangement.

11. With Nadir and Signs, Tokiwa No Sai is the 3rd real full album since your beginning in 1998 – almost 20 years – What is the most significant difficulties to release music on a regular basis?

Almost “human relationship”. Very important things are to get excellent resources.

I ask the member for with good skill and more good heart. Ever time I have hard time dealing with politics at the band.

In conclusion. I chose not team but solo project because of to easy make songs and keeping act.

12. For us in Europe Japan seems to have a lot of die hard heavy metal fans, very dedicated and supportive, is it the case also with japanese bands indeed?

Absolutely, exactly. There are so many HM fans. Also HM HR bands. You know, The> time have changed. Now, New type bands appeared. It is no longer in circulation playing only Traditional style.

Anyway It's very difficult to understand what should I do now. Too much wide range of genres not only HM but Rock music.

13. Japan is also for us a land with high level musicians, and the golden land of neoclassical music,

how can you explain this high level in musical playing?

Well ... as a standpoint. For beginner.

Maybe In Japan has many music practice books, band score books, video, and there are so many popular music school and College. Very too easy learn all genres guitar technique anywhere.

Also club and practice studio instruments store. Many many ...

14. What will be the next projects of Rachel Mother Goose?

Maybe next year's summer or autumn, We will play EU. Now I planning it with someone. I'll let you know once we decide !!!

Please wait news. Now we continue show in domestic. Thank you !!

Thanx for your time :)> Chris

date 14. Nov 2017

Twitter News

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